ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry

ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry

ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry

With the introduction of cGMP compliant ERP solution, eresource ERP has been armed with highly regulated ERP solution for Pharmaceutical industry. With eresource ERP it is becoming easy to control your business better.

You know that for just about any Pharmaceutical ERP, compliance with GMP & FDA requirement regarded as prime importance. Though 21 CFR Component II has been released, many companies however to tackle its useful implementation. User-friendly Eresource ERP is certainly compliant to all or any statutory regulation in fact it is quick to implement.


Pharmaceutical Sector has been categorized in Batch Process Production. eresource ERP makes the procedure of forecasting basic. It is a robust end-to-end business integration option.

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Eresource ERP was created with operation efficiency at heart. Operational efficiency takes a program that addresses every part of your business. It can help to spend less, enables quick market existence of the merchandise, improve consumer relation and adhere to regulations.


Quality tops the concern list so far as any pharmaceutical company can be involved. Keeping this at heart, eresource ERP provides been designed in exclusive style. Quality Control section with its integrated advanced Quality Control / Module which not merely monitors quality by control programs in purchasing and creation but also provides real-time process capacity index for quick review.

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